Business environment and business support

How to start a business?

According to the field of work, experience, goals and aspirations, each artisan can choose which business form is the best to set up a new business. Mainly, in every case there are two options:

  • to work as individual person with business license/certificate or
  • to work as legal entity by setting up a company.

How to register economic activity in LATVIA:

  1. Before starting economic activity, a natural person has to register at the State Revenue Service as a taxpayer – a performer of economic activity indicating the area of intended economic activity.

It can be done at

  1. A person performing economic activity has to choose the most suitable method of tax payment for the artisan.

On what form of economic activity to choose see here:

Tax on business incomePatent fee on performance of particular type of economic activityReduced patent fee on performance of particular type of economic activityMicro-enterprise tax
Tax amount20-31.4% from profit or >50 EUR a year

For more information visit:
100 EUR / 50 EUR or 17 EUR a month.

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17 EUR / 9 EUR a year

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The tax rate on micro-enterprises is 15%.
Micro-enterprise tax is applied to the turnover (revenues) of a micro-enterprise.
Areas to be covered

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Leather and textile crafts;

Home care services; Private household services; Beauty services;
Craft products etc.

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In Lithuania:

All business forms valid in Lithuania, the comparison between the companies, requirements and a lot of useful tips are described in the website: (also available in EN language

“Versli Lietuva” (EN Enterprise Lithuania) is an agency created by the Ministry of Economy to promote entrepreneurship, sustainable and modern business development, the ecosystem of start-ups and exports in Lithuania. “Versli Lietuva” is a “one stop” for business throughout its entire development cycle.

How to start exporting crafts products?

In most cases, products produced by craftsmen and artists are sold at fairs. You can find information on the nearest planned fairs in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on the websites listed below.