Anykščiai Art Incubator-Art Studio is a creative industries centre with dozens of creators of ceramics, leather crafts and textile toys, illustrators, painter, knitters, designers, filmmakers, paper and textile makers, and craftswomen who create collections from honey and beeswax products. The originals are available for sale in the on-site shop or at The art incubator not only connects creativity and business, but also invites you to concerts, events, workshops, exhibitions and film screenings. In the incubator, you will visit places you’ve never been before and experience the most exciting or extreme sensations with a virtual reality device, or take a stroll along the Cosmos Bird Trail – a room of mirrors that creates a sensation of infinity. The incubator’s outdoor area is also attractive, with a terrace next to the Anykšta stream, a large outdoor play area and cosy places for relaxation.