Applied folk art studio “Dubna”

The Līvāni region has rich weaving traditions. Weavers working in the applied folk art studio “Dubna” take care of the preservation of weaving traditions, study the ethnography characteristic of Latgale and weave ancient signs into modern textile works. The studio organises weaving classes, master classes, and has a large exhibition of works. There is also a guided tour, during which you can explore the journey from sheep’s wool to finished socks.

Types of crafts

Weaving – blankets, scarves, towels, rugs, belts and skirt fabrics; knitting.

The distinctive in their field of activity

Use of denim in rugs, linen skirt fabric making, making of handbags.

When to book a tour in advance; When to book a master class in advance

2 days

+371 29262019

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