BALTOS SUTEMOS/ Lina Timukaitė

I am an artist from Lithuania.
Creating unique things for unique people.

Small beasts, birds, four-footed creatures; winding tendrils of plants; silent fairy tales, lullabies; soft spells of dusk or dawn in a handful, in the palms, near the heart, near the ears – to whisper fairy tales…

Stories often live in my works, which I interweave while carving porcelain, ceramics, insert into drawings on wood or paper, sprinkle colored, like sand, enamels on metal.

If you insist on an apple-scented city (especially in the fall), visit the arts incubator, where you can live choose a story you like, pin it to your beloved coat lapels, or hang it on your ears to hum to endless fun.

+370 63979164

Anykščiai, Anykščiai District Municipality, Lithuania