Briežuciems Thematic Village

The craftspeople village of Briežuciems is a place where traditional crafts are cared for and honoured. Here they bake bread, brew beer, process leather, weave rag rugs, floor coverings, blankets and other items. The weavers have united in the Briežuciems handicraft workshop “Atspole”, where everyone can learn the basics of weaving colourful blankets and other types of handicrafts, as well as see and buy the works of the weavers and craftswomen of Briežuciems.

Types of crafts

Weaving, weaving of scarves, knitting and crocheting, candle making, cake baking, the bread bakery “Kronīši”, a leather brand, a workshop and an exhibition of old sewing machines at Leatherely.

The distinctive in their field of activity

Authentic old looms are used for weaving, and the brown-green colour tones of Northern Latgale. For leather design – specially designed prints and leather painting. Bread at “Kronīši” is baked on dried maple leaves according to an old recipe.

When to book a tour in advance; When to book a master class in advance

Min. 3 working days

+371 28781631

Grūšļeva, Briežuciems parish, Latvia