EZERVANNA/ Anna Jurgaite

A small and creative workshop of soaps and various other body care products from Biksti.

“We love what we do and create. We give special names to each final work, which intertwine memories, feelings, similarities, present and past. All this together forms the soul and body of the final work.

But when it comes to creation of our products, we try to be nature-friendly, so most of our final works are without packaging. We incorporate medicinal plants grown by ourselves and collected from the farm meadow into soaps and scrubs, we make extracts from them into plant oils, which we include in lip balms and creams. We are especially proud of our soap, because we cook it ourselves, as it was done in the past, from alkali and fatty substances.

We are always happy for guests who want to look into the small workshop of “Ezervanna”, listen to a story about soap making, try their hand and creativity in making scrubs, or “play around” with the mass of soap and make their own piece of soap.”

+371 26163618

Bikstu pagasts, LV-3713, Latvia