Flower Expert’s Sauna/ Gita Usāne

Gita Usāne, a bathhouse attendant, plant and flower expert, offers to regain your strength in a traditional, wood-fired country sauna. Gita performs wonderful sauna rituals in which she uses herbs collected and specially prepared by herself. Gita uses the herbs to make teas, syrups, herbal powders and natural cosmetics. She shares her vast knowledge of herbs in her master classes, where everyone can make their own cosmetics and learn a lot.

Types of crafts

Sauna, making of sauna accessories and natural products for bathing rituals, herbal teas, natural cosmetics and body care products.

The distinctive in their field of activity

Flower and herbal therapy, traditional bath combined with comfortable and modern equipment.

When to book a tour in advance; When to book a master class in advance

1 week