I.J.ceramics/ Ieva Jurka

Ieva Jurka is a ceramist who has been fascinated by ceramics since childhood and after graduating from the Riga Design and Art High School, she obtained a bachelor’s degree at the Latvian Academy of Arts, continuing her studies in the master’s program in the ceramics sub-field.

Currently, Ieva has started her creative activity in the village of Bērze, where, by the help of funding from European funds, a full-fledged ceramics workshop has been set up. The workshop works with high-quality materials such as porcelain and stoneware, which turn into elegant ornaments, jewlery and high-quality ceramic vessels, cups and plates which are mainly made using the wheel turning technique.

In parallel with the production of various ceramic products, master classes are also offered, which gather both local residents and other interested parties from further Latvian cities and even other countries.

Ieva’s creative activity includes not only the creation of porcelain ornaments and dishes, but also regular participation in exhibitions, contemporary ceramic art symposia and other projects related to ceramics and craftsmen.

+371 28651715

Atpūtas, Bērze, Bērzes pagasts, LV-3732, Latvia