In Jura Kambar’s creative workshop “Kambars Varkalis”, sounding bowls, jewelry and various interior items are forged, which will bring joy to everyone.

Juris Kambars says: “I really started my activity when Latvia had its 100th anniversary. It all started with book covers that where made out of copper. After that, an ordinary braided copper bracelet and then “the hook was in the mouth” and it went form a little hobby to a business! I work only with good thoughts – that is my belief. It is important to me that absolutely every item I create is made in a positive mood and that all my work contains a piece of my soul. My ancestors were metal caster for three generations. Great-grandfather owned a metal foundry in Riga. Grandfather and father were also involved in metal casting in a shipyard. Now they are gone and the universe gave me, on the threshold of 50 years, to be a master of subtle things in all my being. Here I am – the master of copper!

My works have also traveled to Spain, Italy, Norway.”

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