LIENAS ROTAS/ Liena Brūvere

Liena Brūvere is a jeweller from Līvāni region who makes beautiful jewellery – beaded earrings, bracelets, angels, brooches, linen wallets and bags, as well as other lovely accessories. Liena’s signature product is the long-beaded earrings. Each pair of earrings is unique, with a special design and colour combination. You can see and order Liena’s jewellery on several sites online.

Types of crafts

Jewellery making

The distinctive in their field of activity

Native American Style beaded earrings and original beaded angels, as well as purses and accessories with folk ornaments.

When to book a tour in advance; When to book a master class in advance

1 week

+371 29448328

Borovka, Rudzātu pagasts, LV-5328, Latvia