Līvani Glass and Crafts Centre

In the centre, there is the exhibition “Museum of “Līvānu stikls””, which presents several thousand unique glass works that were once made in the Līvāni Glass Factory “Līvānu stikls”. From simple glass bottles to intricate masterpieces. The second exhibition – “Craftspeople in Latgale in the 19th-20th century” gives an opportunity to learn how people lived in Latgale in the past. A unique offer is the opportunity to visit the Glass Blowing Workshop and see how glass art is made.

Types of crafts

The historical home of “Līvānu stikls”, which integrates the “Museum of “Līvānu stikls””, the Glass Blowing Workshop and the exhibition of traditional Latgale crafts into a single complex.

The distinctive in their field of activity

The largest exhibition of historical “Līvānu stikls” products in the Baltics and the longest folk belt in Latvia.

When to book a tour in advance; When to book a master class in advance

3 days