Ludza Crafts Centre

Ludza Crafts Centre is located at the foot of the mighty Ludza hillfort. Here everyone is invited to watch craftspeople at work and learn traditional crafts. You can participate in weaving, ceramics and sewing workshops, try on the costumes of ancient Latgalians and order folk costumes from any region of Latvia. Works by local craftspeople are displayed in the exhibition hall of the centre. Organisation of events to promote and preserve Latgalian traditions. The Ludza Crafts Centre organises the Great Latgalian Market and the annual Green Market on the Saturday before Līgo festival, Latgale Days with demonstrations of craft skills, Latgalian music and food. “Latvian Heritage” award winners.

Types of crafts

Ceramics, weaving, knitting, embroidery, handicrafts, tailoring, woodworking, candle making, Latgale Culinary, Heritage – “Latgaļu kukņa”

The distinctive in their field of activity

Guided tours about the life of the ancient Latgalians, the principles and rules of the social environment – during which listeners get involved in activities. There is also a recorded TV version available in Latvian and English.

When to book a tour in advance; When to book a master class in advance

2 days