SAND/ Andris Mežgalis

The owner of the family company SIA SAND, witch is dealing with stone processing and stoneware.
My uncle – sculptor is the one from who I learned how to work with a stone. I’ve been working with stone for 25 years. Daily work involves the production of stone products, which include stone cutting, grinding, polishing, engraving. In the production process granite windowsills, various elements of fireplace design, tombstones, fountains, steps are produced. The work is creative, with an individual approach, so many of the products are unique. As time goes by, I employ a variety of modern technologies to improve product quality. Great support at work is my beloved wife, Sanita, who is also my assistant. I have two daughters and a son. We spend our free time traveling. By participating in the project, I expanded my knowledge and learned new technologies that I will be able to use in my work.

+371 29167653

Meža prospekts 37