SMITHY/ Saulius Kronis

Visitors to the private blacksmith’s forge in the village of Velžis, founded by folk artist Saulius Kronis, learn about the old craft of blacksmithing, various metalworking methods and modern blacksmithing technologies, and have a chance to try their own hand at forging metal. The educational programmes are tailored to different age groups: the programme “Making a horseshoe for happiness” for schoolchildren, and “Harmony of traditions at the top of the crosses” for adults. The artist demonstrates the craft of blacksmithing using centuries-old pumps and a mobile smithy, showing how blacksmiths used to work when there was no electricity. In his work, the folk artist pays special attention to forge cross-cutting, which has been awarded the Golden Wreath prize. In the forge you can see a collection of metal Aukštaitija crosses made by the craftsman.