TĒRVETES MAIZE/ Jānis Kurpnieks

More than six years after the recipes created by Jānis Kurpnieks and his company – SIA “Tervete bread” offers at least 12 types of bread – mainly real, natural wholemeal bread with split rye grains and sourdough rye bread. However, keeping up with today’s popular trends in the food market, the bread is also supplemented with garlic, seeds, candied cranberries, dried fruits, etc. On the other hand, the special offer of “Tervete bread” – flourless bread that is so in demand nowadays – rather a healthy snack, has received special recognition from vegans and vegetarians.

Excursions are organized in the bakery with the opportunity to taste the bread, learn everything about bread baking and the traditions related to it. Each guest can create their own shortbread bun and have it baked in a wood-fired oven.

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Tērvetes pagasts, Latvia