Weaving workshop “Indra”

The master craftswomen of the weaving workshop “Indra“ have preserved an old tradition of weaving blankets that is characteristic of the Latgale region – laseitos koldrys. In the workshop you can see a textile collection, learn about the weaving process and try your hand at weaving a floor runner. The workshop organises exhibitions and master classes, carries out projects. The craftswomen participate in the event “Meet your master craftsperson”.

Types of crafts

Weaving, knitting and other handicrafts, with plans for soap-making and wax candle making in the future.

The distinctive in their field of activity

The weavers have inherited and preserved the skill of weaving laseitos koldrys.

When to book a tour in advance;

3 days

When to book a master class in advance

1 week

+371 26430121

Rīgas iela 3